Welcome to the Freud’s Angels Experience!

FA is a collaboration of two long time friends and healers who recognized merging their talents could create a 360 degree healing and growth protocol, more effective than the one dimensional approach typically seen in today’s world.

Most people are able to engage in the psychology world as valid. Though we continue to struggle with people’s perception of therapy and theory, there is a collective agreement that there is value in the concepts of psychology. Likewise, there is a population of the world that is highly engageable in the Western Medicine and energetic approach (and beyond) as a way to heal trauma and physical ailments.

What Grace and Vanessa know to be true is that both known science based and intangible healing as a tandem is much more effective than simply choosing one or the other.

In our podcasts and in our practices as healers, we successfully bridge the gap to allow for both the brain to reprogram and the body to clear of negative energy stored through those experiences the brain is healing from.

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