Trauma Cleanse

What is a Trauma Cleanse?

When we experience trauma, it is more than just an event. Our brains hold every experience of our lives in order to help us call in more of the “good” and reject the “bad”.

It will always be on the lookout for signs that trauma will be repeated, and even if the threat we encounter isn’t true, we will operate from that system.

One half of our Trauma Cleanse is addressing deep rooted issues and experiences that are affecting you today. Those unconscious programming processes that you are unwillingly submitting to on a daily basis. The things that are holding you back, we bring into focus so we can break them down and rewrite history, and your mind’s programming.

Vanessa uses her intuitive hits for that exploration and her therapy training filter to address the change that the mind needs to make.

Another thing that happens when we experience trauma is the storage of it in our cellular memory. That’s a fancy way of saying that our body remembers. Our body will remember what it felt like.

This is why you will get a “sinking feeling” in the pit of your stomach if something seems like a past experience. It can be difficult to tell the difference between that and your intuition leading you.

For this reason, Grace works with the energy body to clear the trauma from your body. Think of what it is like to get a hug from your favorite person when you are upset. Some of the upset dissipates, right?

That’s love coming in to change your energy field.

Grace has this incredible talent of clearing that cellular memory and backfilling it with light and love.

We always advocate for continuous healing with a practitioner of your choice, whether that be a therapist, energy healer or a naturopathic or medical team.

Use this Trauma Cleanse in conjunction with, not as a replacement for, an individualized and long term plan for your trauma healing.

How do I get a Trauma Cleanse?

Drop us your email and we will get back to you for scheduling!